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One useful application of Coin control is to manage any coins where you have been made to give up identifying documents to acquire them, such as an exchange. Keeping these coins separate through labeling and Coin control can help you stay safe if the exchange one day leaks those documents.

Using Coin control

The best place to learn how to use new features is directly in Trezor wallet Click on the lightbulb icon in the bottom right of the app and you’ll find the following instructions in the Trezor Suite guide:

Remember, your choice of UTXOs must cover at least the amount being sent and the transaction fees. Avoid using low-value ‘dust’ UTXOs of 546 sats or less, as you will overpay in fees.

Take care of your UTXOs

Keeping track of your unspent outputs takes maintenance. Make effective use of the Labeling feature to know where certain outputs have come from.

To benefit from the extra privacy, you may wish to segregate UTXOs from anonymous sources on a separate wallet or behind a passphrase so they do not mix with others.

Users who don’t feel confident using Coin control can look forward to the CoinJoin mixing feature

Display bitcoin units as satoshis

As seen in the examples, you can now display all Bitcoin balances in satoshis. A satoshi is one-hundred millionth of a Bitcoin, and makes it easier to account for smaller balances.